2017 • shifting sands

It has been an extraordinary past several months. So many of us still struck by the events of last fall . The Cubs won the series, the Republicans won the White House, Leonard Cohen died (I'm sure from the shock of it). I've been vacillating between fight or flight, depression, denial. Worry has kept me from focusing on my creative pursuits - to some degree. On the other, I have become dedicated to effecting some kind of positive change in a more direct way. If you are interested in learning more about that, I encourage you to visit the website for this national movement, RefuseFascism.org.

I haven't been performing as much as I would like, starting a new band, working on the movement, moving, illness that led to several months of vocal problems, and then my son got married! As things are settling into place, it's time to turn my attention back to art and teaching. So please stay tuned for what is coming next!

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