I should have been a banker . . .

This past January 14, 2016 I had my first studio session in a long time. James Cornolo, Steven Hashimoto (the usual suspects on guitar and bass respectively) joined me at Steve Yates Studio to lay down a few long overdue tracks. We had a great time (I love my band - I may have mentioned that before). For those of you who have recorded, you know what a completely UNnatural experience it is. For those of you fortunate enough to have real jobs, I can tell you that it *can* be a horrifying experience . . . listening to yourself in headphones, separated from the other musicians in a fish bowl, under the microscope, hearing every waver, glitch - imperfections that you never imagined could exist . . .UGH!

On the other hand, its a great opportunity, and when you have great players and a fine engineer, like Steve Yates it can be (and was) super fun, relaxed and very satisfying. Our goal was to walk away we three solid tunes, and we walked away with 5 very usable tracks - all in a tidy 3 hours. Thank you so much guys!!! The next step is always to throw the rough mix on in the car on the ride home (prepare for more anxiety) - this usually results in several days of major angst, and the gnawing feeling that I should have been a banker . . . BUT! This was not the case - I actually felt good about what I heard, only cringing 2 or 3 times per song - DUE IN FACT to my wonderful band and the fact that Steve Yates made it all so easy. So my Darlings, stay tuned for new tracks coming your way soooooooon . . . . . . ...... and more of the ongoing saga.

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