Voice Lessons

Linda Solotaire, Vocal Artist

Voice Lessons

Finding Your Authentic Voice

I've been working as a performing artist professionally for over 30 years. I specialize in jazz and pop/rock, though I have a strong background in classical and 20th-century music, and began my work in the theatre. In addition to vocal technique, I teach my students to read music, music theory, some keyboard and emphasize authentic interpretation.
I encourage a weekly hour-long lesson. The first half hour of the voice lesson is almost entirely devoted to technique, warm-ups, vocalizing, and ear training. The second half we work on the student's repertoire.

I always want to learn more about what artists the student listens to, and look forward to hearing more about their creative goals. 

I offer a 10% discount to students who pay monthly in advance. My fee is $65 for an hour lesson, $50 for 45 minutes and $35 for a half hour, before the discount.

Call me at 847.454.6693 to set up a trial lesson today! Or email your inquiry to Linda.TrueMuse@gmail.com